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We at OMA love stories. And, more importantly, our business writers love to craft them. Serving customers throughout New Zealand from our Auckland headquarters, we help business leaders achieve their goals through accessible copywriting services.

Content marketing is an essential aspect of all marketing and business writing today because of the way customers consume content. Armed with mobile phones and tablets, your customers digest information when and where they choose. Thus, our core offering is BizStory, a multi-layered generator of compelling content.

We then get the right information in front of your customers at key moments with digital marketing techniques. Over various mediums, and with the aid of a dedicated copywriter, we popularise your past and your present to propel your story to the next chapter.

We specialise in writing products

BizStory Content

BizStory Content

The origins, the present, the future! Who are you? And what’s your voice? Connect with your customers with BizStory. Join the content revolution and share your business story!Read more..
Email Newsletter Content

Email Newsletter

Catching up can be a logistical nightmare; who has time these days? Let our tailor-made newsletters, filled with all your exciting email content continue telling your story.Read more..
Web Copywriting

Website Content

Refresh. When’s the last time you updated your website? Were the Spice Girls still together? Don’t stress; we will help update your website content and blog, easy as.Read more..
Social Media Writing

Social Media

Posting and tweeting. Tweeting and posting. What a tangled web! We can successfully share your story across all your social media channels.Read more..
Sales Nurture Email Content

Sales Nurture

Sometimes even people with the strongest GPS signal can get lost! This business-generating email content offers guidance to potential customers when they are deciding to do business with you.Read more..
Direct Mail

Direct Mail

In a world where more and more communications are happening online, our business writers share your story in print to add a touch of vintage magic.Read more..

 Personalised emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%. 

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