Our Story


Family ties

Not in the blood sense, but our directors bonded years ago through good old fashioned rough housing. 

As their martial arts skills grew so did their friendship. They became whānau: brothers with different mothers.

What’s the next obvious step for two great friends? Starting a business.

Why work for someone else all your life when you can achieve great things with other people who are also like family?  

Online Marketing Agency Group (OMAG) offers a relaxed, no boundaries environment. OK: there’s boundaries ... like not stealing each other's lunches. 

We’re a bunch of real people, who tell it like it is, and continually toss about our bizarre, half-cooked ideas. (Some of them are actually pretty cool.) 

And a few ninja drills here and there keeps the team on their toes.

Spoiler alert!

Here's the typical corporate line we use to make the lawyers happy: OMAG is a limited liability corporation, founded in 2010, that specialises in writing search-optimised web content. 

Luke and Nigel, started Online Marketing Agency Group (OMAG) as many founders do: they took an idea and shaped it into reality with rolled up sleeves and one nagging question on their minds: “Will this work?”

There were hard times, long days and nights fuelled by enough caffeine to supercharge the incredible Hulk.

Our directors even hung themselves from a billboard in downtown Auckland, back in 2009, to get noticed. 

Nigel suspended form a billboard

They succeeded in turning heads, and it’s been one hell-of-a-good ride ever since.

Originally, the business focus was email campaign writing and creating personalised newsletters to help local businesses build great relationships with their customer base. 

The epic AHA! moment:

Luke and Nigel started getting heaps of enquiries for other things as well -- SEO and SEM, direct mail, social media management, website writing, marketing collateral. You name it! 

While the company's initial newsletter clients were successful, our directors stumbled upon many customers whose websites were outdated and/or their blogs were as untouched as cold, soggy chips.

These discoveries presented challenges around how OMAG delivered its core products.

So Luke and Nigel thought: why not create great website content, too?

Knowing that most consumers today make a decision to contact a business based on its website content, the call to action was clear.

Plus, OMAG's writers were and remain incredibly talented people who love to put pen to paper; how could letting them do that more often be a bad thing?!

Customers have access to information like never before with the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. So while it’s great to have a website, it needs to work well, look good and offer great online content. 

When’s the last time you contacted a company with an outdated website featuring less than useful online content?

Straight up: you didn’t. 

You moved onto the next website in roughly the same time it takes to make a Tinder match. 

With any website, you judge a book by it’s cover: great design. Then you test out its functionality by clicking stuff. 

If that goes forward without a hitch, you skim read the words to see if you've found what you were looking for....

Is it like we climbed into your mind? Or maybe we’ve been watching you? Of course, we’re not. That would be creepy.

Yet, we’re willing to bet on one more thing:

If the website looked good, worked AND the content grabbed you by the eyeballs, you stayed....

You stayed much longer than planned and you did something important: you picked up the phone, wrote an email, shared a link or saved a bookmark.

It was like an invisible force made you do it. However, we’re betting the force wasn’t supernatural. 

It was great writing with one focus: you, the customer.

New Zealand plays host to an amazing business environment -- it's home for startups and well-established companies alike. 

We love working with you lot -- the incredibly driven entrepreneurs who are running with scissors and the established yet innovative directors. All of us come from humble beginnings, and we're all striving to achieve big things at home and overseas.

Business today is online and global. 

Thankfully, quality digital content knows no borders, and our local wordsmiths have a way of getting around. Ehem, getting around the globe, we mean! Our New Zealand-based copywriters serve Aotearoa as well as: 

  • Australia

  • UK

  • Canada

  • The United States, and 

  • Singapore

Our content is a great fit for any business developing or re-hashing its brand story and/or wanting to unleash optimised content for search engines. ("Build it and they will come" is only half the story these days!)

It's always about people. Meet the team who will write your story. 

 Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. 

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