Born during the direct mail revolution of 1996, ActionHQ specialises in data processing, digital printing and the production of traditional mail.

“Why is data so valuable? Why is it so important? As a business focused in giving our clients a measurable return on investment through data driven marketing, we understand the power of data has in re-energising business communications. And incidentally – while working on our clients’ communicative campaigns – we realised our communications with our own clients needed more focus. It wasn’t by choice – we just didn’t have the time and focus it deserved.

We simply did not have the time to look after ourselves. So, we contacted Online Marketing Agency Group (OMAG) and saw an instant change in our communications flow. We now had quality, insightful content being created for our website on a regular basis! Content that represented our values; content that pushed boundaries to what is possible with measurable data.

We catch up weekly for a short Skype session to discuss content for the upcoming newsletter. It’s easy and smooth, as well as a safe environment to discuss ideas. OMAG, also asks heaps constructive questions (the who’s, the why’s, the how’s) to make us reflect critically and respond honestly. They, in turn, also take initiative and dig deeper. They perform extensive research and bring new perspective to our weekly conversations.

Friendly and responsive, OMAG understands how significant listening is in terms of business communication. It’s not just about responding immediately – it’s about reflection and building an appropriate (and measurable) strategy to respond with. Communication, after all, is key to personal and professional success.

Brenden Rolston

Managing Director - ActionHQ