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Financial Lifestyle

Financial Lifestyle

"Financial Lifestyle offers our long term experience and wisdom in business and property investors insurance, with an underlying belief that there are not many situations that can’t be handled. 

Our biggest challenges were trying to keep in touch with all of our sales leads, and knowing how to add value to them with the information we had to offer. 

Online Marketing Agency (OMA) created Sales Nurture Campaign and Personalised Newsletter systems for us, which meant we were able to make a lot more contact with our leads. They used the communication as an opportunity to reply and talk to us, and once they turned into customers we started getting good feedback that they still are enjoying receiving our short nurturing emails. 

We would especially recommend the Sales Nurture Campaign because it has a point of difference that we had not experienced before. It gave us the opportunity to personalise talking to our clients in a nurturing way that was also easy for us to manage because it is an automated product. 

We look forward to continuing to develop our Sales Nurture Campaign around the specificities of the customer life cycle of Financial Lifestyle, as OMA has provided an excellent foundation and product for us to do so. 

Online Marketing Agency helps you to focus on talking to your customers and sales leads without having to physically ring them. They have brought us forward into the online marketing world, where we are able to reach customers at large and in a format that suits their lifestyle."

Gregor Mansfield – Financial Lifestyle