Norcross Fishing World

Norcross Fishing World

Norcross Fishing World

We operate in a very competitive industry.

While we have a great customer base, we still need to make sure we’re investing in the right marketing strategy to maintain our market share. That said, we knew it was time for a website update.

We wanted to be easily found online while highlighting our range of products and our ability to price match. Of course, we chose to promote our point of difference: saltwater fishing specialists offering personalised service, which is often missing from online shops and large chains. Plus our bait and berley options are top notch.

We built our website using and we wanted help with crafting our business story so we asked Online Marketing Agency Group (OMAG) to create web content optimised for online readers and search engines. 

The result: 

OMAG helped us get our content ready, allowing us to quickly launch our new website.

We’ve also found Norcross Fishing World is ranking on the first page of Google based on our chosen industry keywords. 

If you need content optimised for the web, we are confident OMAG will meet and exceed your expectations. 

Jonathan Lisipeki
Store Manager